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Choose Your Colors Carefully For Your School Pictures

When it comes time to choose an outfit for yearbook pictures, many high school students struggle with exactly what they should wear. Often, those stresses circulate around the style of clothing, when the reality is that they should be much more concerned with the color of the clothing they ultimately select. Put simply, the color and design of a shirt or dress can either complement your hair color, eye color, and skin tone, or it can clash. Knowing that these photos will end up in yearbooks that your classmates will own for literally the rest of their lives, getting it right is imperative.


So which colors are best to wear for school photos? The following guide takes a look at the different color options to give you a sense of which may be the best option for you:


Bright Colors

Putting your child in something with bright colors is a great way to make them look and feel vibrant on picture day. If the student is someone with a colorful personality or is someone that could use a little boost of confidence, bright colors are an excellent choice.


At the same time, keep in mind that shirts that are too “loud” can wash out the subject a bit. Bold colors and neon colors aren’t the same thing. Another thing to keep in mind is that plain colors are better than anything with a pattern or logo.

Black or White

There’s a good chance that as you sort through a closet in search of clothing for pictures, a lot of the options are either black or white. If those are your primary choices, choose the darker-toned clothing since those darker hues ensure the focus is on the subject’s face. White, on the other hand, can be so bright that it distracts from what should really matter in the photograph.


If the student has either extremely fair or very dark skin tones, sometimes a neutral gray is better than black, as it works in a similar way while providing a more pleasant contrast between color tones.

Muted Colors

Some of the most popular colors for picture day include brown, burgundy, navy blue, and forest green, and those colors are great in contrast to the most popular blue and gray canvas backdrops our photographers use. Long-sleeve shirts are better than short sleeves if the weather permits, and earth tones are a great way to ensure the attention remains on the student’s face rather than their clothing. The outfit should always be a complement to the main focus: the student’s face.

Trust the Professionals

We know that the onset of yearbook photos is a stressful time, both for students and their parents, but choosing the right clothing can go a long way toward ensuring students look their best when being immortalized in their photographs. As your local school photo company serving New York and New Jersey, we’ll do our part to make you look good, as well. If you wear the right clothing and allow professionals to capture your best smile, there is little doubt that you’ll walk away from picture day with a portrait you can be proud to display in the annual yearbook.