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First-Year School Milestone Photo Ideas

While families take all sorts of candid photos from their everyday lives throughout the year, school portraits often are the only time that parents can invest in professional portraits for their children. And since these happen once a year like clockwork, they are the best way to chart growth and maturity as the years inevitably race by.


Of course, there are certain milestone years that are worthy of a little extra attention from parents and students. For example, when a child starts kindergarten, it’s normal for parents to be excited about how adorable these photos will be. Entering the first year of middle school or junior high is often the first year that we see the big kids in what once were our little kids, and the first year of high school is where we really start to notice our children inching toward adulthood.


Knowing how important these milestone first-year photos can be, we here at ABC School Photographers would like to offer up the following suggestions to make sure parents make the most of these opportunities. They’re only a first-year kindergartner (or middle schooler or high schooler) once, which is why getting these photos right is so important.


#1 Take Special Care With Appearances


While it’s important to look good for picture day regardless of what year in school the child is in, those first-year photos are especially important. Make sure the student dresses in flattering colors, dresses formally, does their hair, and (if applicable) wears flattering makeup. If ever there was a time to make sure children look great in photos, those first ones are essential.


#2 Get Off on the Right Foot


Since these photos are almost always in the first four to six weeks of the school year, they are a great representation of how students approach the year in general. These photos can even apply to transfer students, who can be “first-year” kids no matter what grade they’re in. These pictures allow students to get off on the right foot!


#3 Order Extra Copies


Since the first year of kindergarten, junior high, or high school is a special occasion, it’s not uncommon for the people in your family to want access to those photographs. Knowing this, make sure you order extra copies to please all those people that really do want them.


#4 Don’t Miss an Important Part of a Collection


Having a school photo from every year of your child’s elementary school, middle school, or high school experiences is important, and missing the very first one can keep you from collecting the whole set, as it were. Don’t miss that opportunity to start your collection with a wonderful initial picture!


Trust the Professionals

As your school photography company in New York, we want these first-time pictures to look great. ABC School Photographers will do our part to ensure that happens, and we hope parents and students will handle their half of that, too!