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Make Sure Your Picture Day is Picture Perfect

There are so many important reasons to make sure picture day goes off without a hitch. Not only are parents paying for the packages that get sent home and ultimately get mailed out to grandparents, aunts, and uncles, but those pictures are also going to be how a child is represented in their yearbook, which is one of the few possessions that people keep throughout their lives.


Knowing how important school picture day can be, we want to make sure parents and students have everything they need to ensure they end up with a school portrait package and yearbook picture they can be proud of. The following includes a few tips to make sure your picture day is picture perfect!


Choose the Right Clothing


Make sure your child chooses comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing, and try to pick something that either has a simple pattern or is plain-colored. T-shirts with intricate designs or cartoon logos can be distracting, whereas simpler clothing ensures the child’s smiling face is the dominant focus of the photo.


Have a Good Hair Day


While we can’t always control when we (or our children) are going to wake up with an especially brutal case of bedhead, it’s important to do everything in your power to make sure they have a good hair day for picture day. Schedule a haircut for a week or two before picture day so their hair has time to grow out a little. Then, on the morning of pictures, try to avoid ponytails or slicked-back hair. Keep it simple and natural.


Be Smart About Makeup


For kids old enough to wear makeup, consider having the parent in the home take care of it. It’s not that teens can’t figure out how to wear makeup, but sometimes they wear too much or wear it incorrectly. An adult can help get a natural look without overdoing it.


No Messy Lunches or Snacks


Especially when it comes to young children, avoid packing anything for snack or lunch that could ultimately end up on their clothing and ruin the shot. And if a student has braces, shoot for foods that won’t get stuck in their brackets. Sometimes fruit, while healthy, can be drippy. Maybe send something less risky on picture day.


Choose a Plain Background


When it comes time to fill out the order form for your photo package, consider choosing a plain-color background. There are all sorts of options these days that are much busier, and while they can look cool on their own, the plain backgrounds are easier to coordinate with clothing options and don’t draw the attention away from the subject’s face.

If you can do all of these things, your child will end up with great pictures that will be adored equally by relatives who receive them in the mail and by the yearbook staff putting together a good-looking yearbook. Here at ABC School Photographers, we can help make picture day perfect with professional photographers, top-rate equipment, and years of experience working with kids, but the rest depends entirely on the child and their parents. Following these tips should make your picture day a huge success!