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Tips for Taking Better Photos for Your Summer Camp

Summer camp is a very exciting time for children and their parents as well, so that means capturing those memorable moments is imperative. The photographers at ABC School Photographers are sharing their process when it comes to awesome summer camp photography that both parents and kids will love.

Tips for Summer Camp Photography

Connect with the Camp

Before the camp starts, our photographers take the time to become familiar with the campgrounds and facilities as well as the daily schedule of the kids who are attending. Understanding the layout and activities is a great way to anticipate the best locations and moments for capturing those perfect shots. By knowing the camp’s schedule, our photographers can be in the right place at the right time, ensuring they do not miss any important events or activities.

Capture the Atmosphere

Summer camp is an amazing opportunity for personal growth, teamwork, and fun. While it is important to capture the exciting moments, the photographers from ABC School Photographers focus on capturing the overall atmosphere of the camp by taking photos of campers’ interactions, the camaraderie, and the emotions they experience. We look for those candid shots that truly convey the spirit and essence of the camp, since these types of images will resonate deeply with families when they look back on their child’s summer camp experience.

Natural Lighting is Important

Most of the activities at summer camps take place outside, which means natural lighting is the best friend of the photographers from ABC School Photographers. They make the most of the golden hour, which happens to be the time period shortly after sunrise or before sunset. This is due to the fact that the sunlight at those hours is softer and warmer. The lighting will make the colors more vibrant and create a beautiful atmosphere in the photos.

Connect with the Campers

Building a good rapport with the campers is crucial to capturing genuine expressions and creating a comfortable environment. The photographers at ABC School Photographers take the time to interact with the campers, get to know their names and engage them in conversations. When they feel at ease with our photographers, it will be easier for them to be more natural in front of the camera, resulting in more authentic and captivating photographs.

Tell the Story

The photographers at ABC School Photographers work diligently to not only capture the individual moments of the summer campers, but they also strive to tell a story through the photographs they shoot. By creating a narrative that encompasses the overall journey of the summer campers, they can tell the story from the day the campers arrive to the final day of summer camp. The photographers at ABC School Photographers search for opportunities to photograph the progression of summer campers’ experiences. This means that they will take photos from the initial excitement of the kids who are coming to summer camp to the new friendships they will make and the personal growth they will experience. By capturing these major milestones, our photographers will provide families with a visual narrative that they can treasure for years to come.

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