Call Us: (718) 356-0232
Call Us: (718) 356-0232

School Photography Company in New Jersey

Fun Children Photographers in New Jersey

It’s difficult to capture that perfect moment when your child is pouting, instead of smiling, for the camera. ABC School Photography is making it easier to capture the moments you can treasure for years to come. We believe that child-centered photography produces a better experience and a better picture.

We make it all about the kids. Our staff is trained to interact with children of all ages to make the experience fun for them. Our emphasis is on creating a natural pose so kids can be comfortable through the session. This method results in an enjoyable time for all and pictures you’ll love.

School Children Photographers in New Jersey

We’ll bring our whole crew, along with our digital mobile photo studio, to your school. Our professional photographers are great at keeping kids entertained, even while waiting in line. We move quickly but make sure that each child gets the time and attention needed to get a great photo.

Group and student body photos are a breeze with ABC School Photography. 28 years of experience has taught us how best to handle the logistics of setting up and following through when dealing with large groups of children. Principals and school administration don’t have to carry the full burden of making order out of the chaos.

In the Studio or On the Road

Whether you want us to come to you or you come to us, our studio has everything needed to produce great pictures. Aside from our professional lighting and cameras, we introduce a sense of fun to the kids with great props and backdrops, including:



  • Benches, ladders, blocks, and seasonal items
  • Toys and puppets
  • Diplomas and school desks
  • Muslin sheets for the floors
  • Beach, paint splatter, and solid color backgrounds

Experience the difference child-centered photographers make. Call us at (718)-356-0232 or fill out our contact form.