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What to Expect During Picture Day in Staten Island, NYC

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Picture Day is fast approaching, and your child is excited but nervous at the same time. That’s because they’re not yet sure what they want to wear or the outcome of their school pictures. They may also feel as if they are under pressure to look perfect or may have a previous bad experience that they don’t want to repeat. As a parent, you want to ensure your child feels comfortable and ready for their picture day by helping them choose the right outfit, photo background, and print packages.

At ABC School Photography, we aim to make your child feel as natural as possible while taking the best shots to commemorate their special day so they can remember it for the longest time. We have over 28 years of experience working with schools all over New Jersey and New York and have photographed kids from hundreds of schools, so we know how to do it right.

How to Prepare For a School Picture

It’s every parent’s responsibility to ensure their child is ready for picture day. You want to ensure that they look great every time they appear in front of a camera to capture memories during every stage of their childhood. This means helping your little one be ready to smile for the camera. Here’s how to help your child prepare for a school picture in the New York and New Jersey area.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This may sound obvious, but sleep is essential to a great photo. Ensure your child is tucked in on time or earlier than usual on the night before picture day. This will ensure they have enough sleep and will wake up energized and fresh for their big day. Additionally, sleeping enough helps eliminate crankiness, especially in small children who tend to get a little restless. The fresh look goes a long way toward helping your child smile and bring out their best self.

Keep Outfits Simple

Planning your child’s outfit is crucial. Do this a few days before picture day to ensure everything is ready on the big day. This may prevent bad moods when they go through their clothes and cannot choose their best outfits. When choosing clothes, you don’t want to go overboard with an outfit that will be too complicated to keep in place neatly in a photo session. 

Remember, your child may have their picture taken after lunch. Which means they will need to put up with the complex dressing all that time. Be sure to choose an outfit that’s low maintenance and comfortable. When they’re uncomfortable in the outfit, they will appear uncomfortable in the school picture.

Be Yourself

Help your child be themselves when they’re before the camera. Their freshest and most natural smiles will come out best when relaxed. Teaching them to practice a picture face doesn’t always work, as it often causes them to have a forced grin.

Don’t Aim for ‘Perfect’

Picture day doesn’t need to be too serious. Your child doesn’t need to be perfect to be themselves. Fixing that missing tooth or hiding an injury with makeup isn’t always necessary. Don’t stress your child. Pictures are great keepsakes. That picture where your child has a missing tooth is an excellent reminder of their teething journey, worth a thousand memories.

At ABC School Photography, we aim to ensure your student’s school photography day goes smoothly and efficiently with minimum disruption in student schedules. To schedule a school’s picture day, contact us today.

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