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Welcome to our Featured Print Options Showcase – This page is dedicated to displaying specific print options such as a unique frame and two distinct calendars. These selections are examples of what we can offer and are displayed here for parents and schools upon request. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all our available options. We periodically update this space with different items to give you a taste of our diverse offerings in print solutions. For a comprehensive list of our print options or to request specific samples, please contact us directly.


Boasting more than 35 years of expertise in New York and New Jersey, ABC School Photographers is renowned for transforming school moments into cherished memories. Our Complete Mobile Photography Studio comes to you, featuring the latest in photographic technology, right at your school's doorstep.

Our dedicated professional team ensures that school photo days are not just about taking pictures, but about creating a memorable, hassle-free experience.

Choose ABC School Photographers for portraits that are not just pictures, but timeless treasures of your school years!

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