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Benefits of Spring School Photos Staten Island, NYC

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Spring pictures are still a new thing in the school photography industry. Traditionally, school photos are taken at the start of the school year, but with preschool portraits, there’s more flexibility to do pictures in the spring. At ABC School Photographers, we take full advantage of spring to create memorable keepsakes for your child. 

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, and any other gift-giving occasion, we make sure every photo is eye-catching and tells a story. If you have never taken part in spring school photos, here’s why you should be excited about them.

Choose from a variety of fun and colorful backgrounds

Spring is a beautiful season to enjoy fresh photos of the gardens and warm sunshine. Schools can take advantage of the green lawns and beautiful trees and flowers to get some of the year’s best photos. At ABC School of Photography, we are flexible enough to allow students to enjoy their photo sessions indoors and outdoors.

Students express their personalities through background choices

Every parent wishes to see their children smile and speak excitedly about their school photography day. The spring school photos provide another opportunity for a perfect picture where your child can express their personality with different backgrounds. Our photography team works with the pupils to ensure their outfits, hairstyle, and overall style are captured in the photos.

Apart from what the school asks for, spring school portraits incorporate interesting and intricate backdrops. Sometimes, we allow props for them to rest their arms using natural poses. Unlike fall photos, where most pictures are uniform for yearbook poses, spring photos allow variation, which creates even more memorable images.

Children can take pictures in different poses

The purpose of spring photo sessions is different from fall photos. In most cases, fall photos focus on the student’s face, head, and shoulders, while spring photos show much more of the student as a person, as you’d see in a professional photography session. Poses are relaxed, diverse, and character-enhanced, giving parents more options when picking a package.

Spring school pictures allow students to be photographed in a more casual, studio-like setting. The Spring Portrait Program offers parents unique products and backgrounds unavailable in the fall. Students and parents have more flexibility to create a look that’s their own.

It documents a mid-year point in the child’s life

Every school year documents your child’s growth, their character, values, hobbies, and lifestyle. If you look at all the photos your child has had since junior kindergarten, you will look at many years of growth and evolution. Each image creates flashbacks. Imagine now having additional pictures for mid-year. 

Kids, especially young ones, can grow and change a lot during this period which we feel it’s worth captioning. For instance, your six-year-old daughter may like pink as their favorite color this fall. They will have changed to purple or some other unique color by next spring. Spring photos allow you to capture such memories for them.

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Spring photo day is another opportunity to get a piece of a beautiful memory for your child. If you’re unsure why your child should take spring photos or need to learn more about spring photos, call us at ABC School Photography, and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We have different packages based on your budget and photo needs.

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