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When it is time for your child or children to have their school photos taken, you will want to consider which type of background you will want to choose. Keep in mind that your child is the star of the photo, so you want the background to really highlight your child’s features and clothing. As photographers for ABC School Photographers, we want you to be happy with your child’s school photos and offer a variety of different backgrounds for you to choose from.

Common Types of Photo Backgrounds:

The background of your child’s photos is more important than most people think it is. A white seamless background is a great choice when you are having a professional headshot photo taken or simply want a stock photo for future projects. This is not always the best option, though, for school photos, since the lighting can make the white background seem like it is a muddy beige in color or full of shadows. Most people want more of a pop of color in school photographs, so they want something a little more interesting than a plain white background.

Black backgrounds are also an option for stunning professional photos, but again, when it comes to school photographs, parents may want a backdrop that is a little more colorful and fun. Read on to learn what are the best colors to wear during picture day.

Blurred Natural Background

A natural background is a soft type of backdrop that can be blurred out while enhancing your child’s face. This can even be done outdoors with a natural background by blurring trees or mountains that are behind the child. Photographers from ABC School Photographers have the skills and knowledge it takes to blur a background and make it softer while highlighting your child in each photo.

Detailed Natural Background

A great option for school photos is a detailed natural background. This is a great way to create portrait photography that is different from the norm while still highlighting your child’s features.

Solid Color Background

A solid-colored background is a great choice if you want to create a classic look for your child’s school photograph but want something with a little more color than a simple black or white backdrop. There are plenty of beautiful neutral background colors that can be used, such as tan or gray, or parents can opt for something a little brighter, such as a red or yellow backdrop.

Textured Background

A textured background for your child’s school photo can add a level of texture and a more dynamic look and feel to the finished product. There are many different types of textured backgrounds that our photographers can use for your child’s photo, such as a wooden backdrop or one made of fabric.

Green Screen Background

For parents who are having trouble deciding on a background color for their child’s school photos, our photographers can shoot their photos in front of a green screen. This will allow our very experienced photographers to utilize their skills in the post-processing phase in which they can create any type of background you want, such as a vinyl background, one made of canvas, or even muslin.

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