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Great Gift Ideas Using Portrait Pictures During the Holidays

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Compared to school pictures of the past, today’s photos are much better since cameras, backdrops, and technology overall has improved tremendously over the years. This means that using your child’s school photos in a variety of ways to create beautiful and meaningful Christmas decorations and gifts is a great possibility. Read on for more information on the many ways that you can use your child’s school portrait pictures to create a beautiful keepsake for friends and family members this holiday season.

Customized Photos

Today’s school photos are not like the school pictures from previous generations. Not only are they much better quality with more options available, but you can also even customize each of your children’s school pictures. For instance, if the background of your child’s photo is a boring blue color, you can change it up to any color or type of background that you want through our company. Once you have your child’s school picture looking exactly the way you want it to, you can then use it in the following ways to create beautiful, memorable gifts this holiday season. You can even order the sizes of photos you will need to create the following holiday gifts.

How to Use School Photos During the Holidays

From gift tag stickers and holiday cards to calendars and an array of other products, you can create the perfect gift for the people you love while using your child’s school picture.

Holiday Cards

Why send out boring holiday cards this year when you can customize your cards to feature your child’s school photo? This will make your holiday cards so much more special to those on your holiday card list. You can create holiday cards on your own using a variety of different online platforms or you can have our company do it for you.

Gift Tags

Let’s face it, most people don’t pay any attention to the gift tag on the presents they receive but they will when you integrate your child’s school photograph with the gift tag stickers that you use this year. This will make for a much more personalized gift for your family, friends, and even your child’s teachers.


You can think beyond the holiday season by giving gifts to your family and friends that will last throughout the entire new year coming up. You can use your child’s school photos to create a beautiful and meaningful calendar for your family members and friends to hang on their walls or display on their desks throughout the new year.

Other Gifts

From beautiful key chains to throw pillows and even coffee mugs, you can create gifts for those you love that feature your child’s school photo by ABC School Photography that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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