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Whether you have a child who is in kindergarten and getting his or her school pictures taken for the first time or you are the parent of a teenager and have been down this road before, picture day is an important time for students of all ages. While picture day is fun, it can also be very stressful, but there are ways to avoid that. To help you and your child prepare to have their school pictures taken, read on for tips on how you can make picture day go as smoothly as possible.

Choose Clothing Ahead of Time

It is imperative that you choose an outfit for your child to wear or help your child choose an outfit if they are older before picture day is happening. You will need to choose something for your child to wear that will photograph well and compliment their look, style, and personality. Keep in mind that your child will still be in school all day, so you will want to pick clothing that is comfortable yet dressy enough to look great in your child’s photos.

It is very helpful if you set out your child’s outfit the night before picture day instead of waiting until morning. Be sure to also put any accessories, shoes, bow ties, jewelry, and other things with your child’s clothing so that you’re not frantically looking for them on the morning of picture day.

Rest Up

It is important that your child gets plenty of rest the night before picture day, as well as any school day for that matter. Be sure to follow your child’s normal routine and get him or her to bed on time so that they are well rested and looks and feels their best on picture day.

Nutrition is Important

Since you do not know exactly what time of day your child’s school photos will be taken, it is best to prepare them a breakfast that is filling and nutritional so that they are not hungry when it comes time to get their picture taken.

Pack Ahead of Time

Be sure to have your child’s lunch packed and ready ahead of time with plenty of easy-to-eat foods that will not stain your child’s lips or clothing.

The Hairstyle

Prepare ahead of time when it comes to your child’s hairstyle for picture day. There can be a multitude of factors that can change the way their hair looks from the time they leave the house until the time they get their pictures taken. From rainy weather to a humid day or a windy day, many things can affect your child’s hair, so be sure to use plenty of hairspray or hair gel to keep their hair in place for photo time.

Keep a Positive Attitude

It is important for you and your child to have a great morning before they head off to school for picture day. The photographers at ABC School Photographers are great with kids and have the ability to make the most skeptical child smile for their photo, but it is easier if your child is already in a good mood.

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