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Try to be confident

It is imperative for a photographer to really capture your child’s personality so that he or she exudes confidence in themselves and who they are. This will allow their true personality to shine through and not look like a posed, staged photo.

Compare school pictures from previous years to know what you can do to look your best the next time

It is a great idea to look back at previous school photos so you will know what works and what does not. If the same photography agency will be at your child’s school again this year, chances are that they will have a similar type of backdrop as in the past. It is important to coordinate or at least consider the backdrop so that your child’s outfit will go with it and not clash. Many times you can view the backdrop ahead of time by looking at the sample photos on the order form or photographer’s website.

Plan out your outfit

Planning out which outfit will be worn on picture day is very important and goes along with the previous information. You will want to ensure that not only does your child’s outfit match well with the backdrop but also that the outfit allows the child’s personality to be on full display so it is conveyed in the actual photo.

Keep your accessories simple

You should keep accessories to a minimum and not have anything too large or bold that could then become the focal point of the photo. You will want the main feature of the photo to be your child (or yourself if you are the student).

 Practice your smile

You should have your child practice smiling for you and in the mirror so that their smile is on-point for picture day. If he or she forgets to smile or shows too much of a toothy grin, it may ruin the photo for you and for your student. Have your child practice smiling for a few days prior to the day the photos will be taken so they are ready for the photo and will not get nervous and forget to smile.

 Listen to the photographer

It is extremely important that your student understands that he or she needs to follow the instructions of the photographer. The photographer may even have a spot marked with tape or some other type of material to show students where to stand or sit during the photo-taking process. The last thing you want is a photo of your child looking up at the ceiling or standing or sitting in such a way that he or she is off-center in the photo.

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