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Tips for Photographing School Portraits

School portraits are very important pieces of childhood memories. As photographers at ABC School Photographers, we know that it is essential to capture the essence of each student in their portraits. While taking school portraits can be a challenge, since photographers only have a short amount of time to capture the best shots, with the correct preparation and techniques, you can produce amazing portraits. Parents and students alike will appreciate the extra time and effort you put into their school photos.

 Below are some tips for taking the best school photos. Read on for more information.

Tips for Photographing School Photos

There are many tips and techniques that photographers use to create the best photos they possibly can. Check out the tips below for photographers who are preparing to shoot school portraits.

Communicate With the School to Clarify Requirements

The photographers at ABC School Photographers pride themselves on being prepared ahead of time. Part of this process includes understanding the logistics of each shoot. This means coordinating with the school administration so that you know the number of students you will be photographing, the amount of time that is available for the shoot, and to ensure everyone is on the same page so that things go smoothly.

Create a System to Make Sure Your Images Are Labeled Correctly

It is very important that you have your labels for each of the images you take in order. The school photographers at ABC School Photography have created a system that easily correctly identifies each image so that there are no mix-ups at the time of delivery. You can simply record the image numbers next to the student’s name as they come in to get their photos taken or use a computer spreadsheet or program for this purpose.

Create a Set with Correct Lighting for More Consistency

Since school photography requires you to shoot a large number of students each day, not much time is left to switch up the backgrounds or props for the photos. You can choose two or three main backgrounds that you can use for all the students you will be photographing. A simple background will work, or you can even use a digital background.

Your lighting set-up is essential for each student’s photo session. Since school lighting is not always the best for photography, the school photographers at ABC School Photography will use strobes or flash when needed to create gorgeous images that both students and parents will love.

Deliver Consistent Images Quickly

Since you will more than likely be using the same or similar backgrounds and lighting for all of the students you photograph, it will be easier for you to edit on the same types of settings. You can apply changes to all photographs at once, which will help the results be consistent throughout each student’s photos.

ABC School Photographers are All About the Students

From newborns to high schoolers and younger adults, the professional photographers at ABC Photographers have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to create the most amazing and gorgeous school portraits for your child or children. They make it easy for everyone by bringing along their Complete Digital Mobile Photo for each shoot in the New York and New Jersey areas. Call today for an appointment and be on your way to having the most amazing school portraits of your children.