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Top Qualities Any School Photography Company in NYC Should Have / Why Choose Us

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Being a professional school photographer requires specific skills and qualities that contribute to high productivity and efficiency. It’s much more than having the right photography equipment or mastering your camera. 

At ABC School Photographers, we’ve mastered the art of patience, good communication, and excellent customer service. We ensure every child feels special on school photography day so that every picture captured becomes a memory worth keeping. Here are a few major qualities we at ABC School Photographers take pride in.

Consistent, TIMELY Communication

School photographers are often busier than usual, especially during academic periods. Companies must consistently plan and organize their projects to meet client deadlines. Fast responses to inquiries and follow-up communications are vital in any business. Schools want to work with a photography company that responds to inquiries and keeps them updated about every step in the planning, photo-taking, and editing process. Taking pictures of over 500 children is not a simple task. It requires a clear outline with details of each child. It also means preparing and arriving early to set up the shooting site.

At ABC School Photography, we give every child the attention they deserve and detail to every shot we take. We will bring age-appropriate props such as puppets, benches, desks, ladders, oversized alphabet blocks, and special holiday items wrapped in Christmas presents to make your School Photo Day the best.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Like any other business, school photography companies must have strong customer service to attract and retain a client base. Photography is a unique industry, and different clients have different expectations. A good school photography customer service should include reliable representatives to handle customer inquiries and respond professionally.

 At ABC School Photographers in NYC, we have a customer service department to handle any issue a parent or school might have. We work closely with them to ensure everyone’s happy and satisfied throughout the year.

Easy-To-Understand Packages and Contracts

The cost of professional photos varies widely from one company to another. When it comes to photography, more isn’t always better. Schools are busy institutions, and if they can’t understand your packages or products, chances are they will skip you. Try to have different packages for clients to choose from, with details of what each package includes. This makes it possible to capture all clients regardless of their budgets.

At ABC School Photography, we have five different packages for schools that vary in levels and pricing. Our packages are well selected to include an assortment of related products such as calendar magnets, calendars, fun packs, and much more!

Offer a Referral Program That Will Attract Everyone’s Attention

One of the best ways to attract and retain customers is by using a reliable referral program. You may want to study your clients well to understand what they like and use discounts or gift cards to thank them. Students will be happy to receive a gift along with their beautiful portraits, but what about parents? ABC School Photography recommends offering discounts and interesting gifts to parents and schools. This can be as simple as offering calendars along with student portraits to simple thank-you notes in tiny envelopes. You can also offer discounts to first-time clients or give gifts when they choose a specific package.

ABC School Photography prides itself on ensuring parents and the school are satisfied with our services. When they’re happy, they refer us to other schools and parents, which further grows our brand.

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