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Ways Photographers Can Offer Exceptional Customer Service

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As photographers, our customers are our first priority. There are several things we can do to ensure repeat business by providing great customer service time and time again!

Consistent and Very Timely Communication

As photographers, we strive to correspond and offer great customer service to our clients in a very timely and consistent manner. For instance, if someone messages you through your website, social media site, or emails, you should respond within 24 hours at the most. 

Create an automatic message that will go immediately to the client acknowledging their email has been received and a time frame of when they can expect a response. This is one of the easiest ways to utilize technology while providing excellent customer service. 

When people contact a photographer, they already have a date scheduled for when they need the service, it is imperative that you communicate with them in a very timely manner. 

The staff at ABC School Photographers is always available to answer our clients’ calls from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. The company takes pride in its beautiful photography work and always puts its customers first.

Keep Contracts and Package Offers Simple

Keep contracts and package deals very clear, concise, and simple so that clients can easily understand the offer. Clients are very busy and if they do not understand the packages, chances are they will move on to a different photographer. 

Client Communication is Important for Customer Service

Communicate very well with your clients throughout the time leading up to the date of their photo shoot. This can be done through emails and reminders with information pertinent to the client’s shoot. This is also a great way to keep your client excited and engaged when it comes to their photo shoot. The photographers at ABC School Photographers are always available to communicate with our customers.

Make Photo Sessions Fun

Always strive to create a fun and relaxing environment for clients on the day of their photo sessions. Many people do not like to have their photos taken, so they may be a little stressed out about the situation. By keeping the session fun and exciting for your clients, they will be more comfortable with you and with getting their photos taken.

Customer Service Follow-Up

After the photo session, continue good-quality communication with clients. This can be done by letting them know when to expect their photos delivered. Make sure that it happens on time as scheduled. Periodically send clients notifications of new photo session deals, this can be seasonal, and other newsletters you have planned out already!

Referral Program

One of the best types of advertisement is word of mouth. Have your clients give you referrals for their family and friends they think may want to schedule a photo session with you. Offer the client a discount or a free session after a booked session from a referral.

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ABC School Photographers provides an amazing digital mobile photo studio allowing us to come to you when it’s time for your photo session. Our staff specializes in school photography with plenty of experience when it comes to taking photos of children. 

We also offer plenty of different backgrounds and props to provide photos that bring out our clients’ personalities. 

The photographers and staff at ABC School Photographers always put customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list. Call today to schedule your photo session!

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