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Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Your Yearbook Photo

Yearbook photos may be perused many years later by everyone from curious spouses to enthusiastic great-grandchildren, so the outfits are important not only for today but for tomorrow too. It doesn’t mean that you have to stress over what to wear too much, but a little thought can go a long way. If you’re having a hard time deciding what type of strategy to take, follow these tips before you lay out your clothes the night before the big day. 

Consider Your Style 

The best thing to do before you open your closet is to remember that you’re attempting to match your preferences now to how you want to present yourself in the future. If your style is bright and bold, then you should be able to incorporate that into your finished presentation. You’re attempting to make the photo match who you are, even if it goes against fads of the day. If you tend to dress in solid colors with simple hairstyles on a day-to-day basis, then the same rules apply though. A yearbook photo is not the time to go out on a limb and reinvent yourself. More often than not, your picture will likely just show how uncomfortable you look. 

Timeless Is Better 

Natural make-up, classic hair, and clothes that could easily translate from one decade to the next will be the best way to ensure that your yearbook photo looks every bit as fresh 50 years from now as it does the day it was taken. No matter how trendy a brand name/celebrity/slogan/style seems at the time, the odds are extremely good that whatever it is will fade into obscurity sooner rather than later. For example, hair in the 1980s had one rule: the bigger, the better. But ultimately, that type of excess just wasn’t going to last the test of time. You don’t have to borrow a flashy diamond necklace or wear anything too risqué simply because you want to stand out amongst your peers. Wear sleeves, a maximum of 3 colors, and neutral colors if you want to stay timeless.  

Feeling Good 

Ultimately, a yearbook picture is supposed to be fun, so you really shouldn’t fret too much over what you wear. When you pick out your clothes you want to make sure that they reflect who you are as a person. If you value your ability to stay on top of the trends (or even in inspire them), then there’s nothing wrong with showing that off a little. Plus, what is life without a little good-natured teasing from those you love? People both now and in the future will appreciate you for who you are, and the clothes you choose to wear are all a part of that. Whatever you and your classmates look like also gives you a chance to tell great stories about what your days in school were like. Stay true to your real personality, and you won’t go wrong.