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Choosing the Right School Picture Company for Your School

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Running a school is no easy task. Over the course of a given year, administrators will put out all sorts of metaphorical fires, including everything from keeping teachers happy to dealing with parent concerns to handling student discipline. On top of everything else, administrators need to hire a picture company to take their pictures each year, and while many of these companies often will sign multi-year contracts with a school to simplify things, the need does arise at least every few years to choose a photography company.

So what goes into choosing a school picture company for your school? When doing so, consider the following things:


When it comes to student portraits, schools don’t actually pay the photography companies anything. In fact, it is our privilege here at ABC School Photographers to be given such a job. During the negotiation process, though, it is important to determine which companies have the best package options and prices for families in a given district. Money matters, obviously, so finding a company with competitive prices is a great place to start when choosing a school photographer.

Necessary Services

Another thing a school has to determine is what services they need from a photographer. While the portraits are a sure thing, photographers can do a whole lot more for a school if asked. High schools, for example, may need photographers available at school dances. They also very likely will require that someone take team pictures for the various sports and offer individual packages for those parents and students. Some schools even use professionals to take photos of the school’s clubs and organizations. Before hiring a photographer, it is important to make sure they can meet all of your needs.

Customer Service

It is incredibly important for a company to have a strong customer service department since there always are going to parents that have issues with the way their children’s pictures turned out, no matter how professionally done they may be. If there ever are any such problems, having a polite customer service department that’s easy to contact and work with is essential. Here at ABC School Photographers, we boast an excellent customer service department that can handle any problem a school may ultimately have, and we work closely with our clients to make sure that they’re happy throughout the school year.

Thinking Locally

Choosing a photography company that understands and appreciates your school’s community can be important, too. If we are close and familiar with a school community, we can better service them and be made available conveniently for anything our schools may need. There are plenty of benefits to supporting local businesses, but the convenience of proximity and community investment are two of the biggest.

Here at ABC School Photographers, we offer schools a high-quality photography experience at prices that families can afford. Our services are extensive, and our customer service is top-notch, meaning if this is the year you are tasked with finding a new school photographer, we would be honored to be the company you ultimately chose!

Boasting more than 35 years of expertise in New York and New Jersey, ABC School Photographers is renowned for transforming school moments into cherished memories. Our Complete Mobile Photography Studio comes to you, featuring the latest in photographic technology, right at your school's doorstep.

Our dedicated professional team ensures that school photo days are not just about taking pictures, but about creating a memorable, hassle-free experience.

Choose ABC School Photographers for portraits that are not just pictures, but timeless treasures of your school years!

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