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Classroom Activities to Capture In NYC Yearbook Photos

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Yearbook photos should capture all of the most important moments of each school year. This includes many types of special events but it is important not to forget those regular everyday moments of classroom life. School classroom pictures need not be limited to a single posed group shot. Including photos of classroom activities allows students to be present in the yearbook even if they did not belong to a lot of teams or clubs. Try some of these ideas to include classroom life in your school yearbook photos in New York. 

First Day Of School

Yearbook planning should begin on the very first day of school. Capture those first moments in each class as students get to know their teachers and one another. People will change throughout the year and it is fun to look back and see how everyone has grown, physically and emotionally.

Field Trips 

Though field trips do not technically happen in the classroom, they are class events that should be recorded and remembered. Class photos could include students getting ready, riding the bus to the location, and enjoying the trip itself. 10 years later, students will be able to relive these experiences or tell their children about them.

Academic Achievements and Milestones

Standardized tests are never fun, but they are a big part of the academic experience. Elementary school students have general statewide exams while teenagers may be preparing for the SAT. All of these moments will lead up to graduation, so administrators and yearbook editors will want to record study sessions and testing days.

Spirit Days

Most schools hold regular spirit days where students dress up according to a theme or ally themselves by grade level or other distinctive memberships. Make sure your school photographer in New York captures all of these celebrations so that students will be able to look back on their friendships and affiliations with fond memories. 


Many types of holidays are celebrated in a school environment. Each teacher has their traditions or habits. Classroom photos of holiday parties will transport faculty and students back to those moments decades in the future. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Homecoming are all examples of classroom holidays that should be captured.

Science Experiments 

Especially in younger grades, students remember hands-on learning. Ask classroom teachers to let yearbook staff and administrators know when they plan to host a science experiment or other memorable lesson so that a professional photography company can take pictures of the event.

Distance Learning

The last couple of years have been very unique ones in schools. As students attend class partially from home, not all classroom experiences are had in the confines of the school building. Include student-submitted photos of classroom activities that take place in their own homes as well as screenshots from virtual classrooms.

Include Classroom Activities Photos In Your New York Yearbook

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