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Cliches to Avoid in New York School Photos

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Senior photos are used in the yearbook as well as in graduation announcements. They are given as gifts, framed and hung on walls, and carried in wallets by proud parents and grandparents. Many students spend days and months considering what they will wear, how they will style their hair, and what poses they will strike. It is important to make picture day special yet it is equally as important that your school yearbook photos look like YOU!  Follow these tips to put your best face forward without relying on outdated cliches.

Tips For New York School Photos

Like with most things in life, practice and preparation make for perfection. Your school photo shoot need not be flawless to capture your true essence. Here are just some of the factors  you should consider for a successful picture day:


Yearbook photos do not have to take place in a studio. Select a place that is meaningful to you and reflects your personality or talents. If you are a musician, pose at a concert hall. If you are a big sports fan, consider visiting your favorite team’s arena or stadium. Avoid locations that many other students are likely to choose so you won’t feel like you are competing with anyone. Doing your photo shoot outside is a wonderful idea, but there will be a lot of variables. You cannot control the weather and you will not be able to force a shot if the sun, shadows, or rain is working against you. Try different places at your chosen site and look for the right light.


Your photoshoot should effectively have a theme and your clothing should reflect that. Your choice of outfit should reflect the mood you are trying to create and your personality without overshadowing your face in the photo.  If you are not sure what outfit you want, bring a few changes of clothes to your photoshoot. Avoid complicated outfits or hairstyles that will make you self-conscious or make changing difficult. 


Your senior yearbook photos should ideally be close-up shots, but you may want to get some full-body poses as well, depending on what you will use the photos for. Overly posed photos tend to look stiff and unnatural. Get into the character behind your theme and try to have fun. Keep your chin up and be aware of your angles. Ask your professional photographer in New York for tips and follow their direction but do not be afraid to give input as well.

Relax And Plan: 

It is perfectly normal to feel stressed out or anxious about school photo day. Make sure you have eaten and have plenty of water so you don’t get grumpy or dehydrated. Bring a friend or parent with you to help with outfit changes, hair and makeup touch-ups, and morale. Remember that nobody is perfect and do not forget to have fun!

What Photo Cliches You Should Avoid in NYC

Even if you have a specific look in mind, your school photos should reflect who you are and how you want to be remembered. Do not mimic photos or scenes that may seem “cool”, because most of these cliches have been done to death. Particularly avoid the following trends that have gotten tiresome:

  • Railroad tracks photos: It’s been done to death
  • Selective use of color: It distracts from what is important
  • Inexplicable use of black and white
  • Stereotype photos like the “tough jock” or the “brainy nerd”
  • Duck face never looks as attractive as it seems at the moment
  • Overdoing effects: Let your photo speak for itself

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