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COVID-friendly School Portrait Sessions for Kids

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If you live in NYC, you know the importance of social distancing and mask-wearing, even though the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be dying down, at least a little bit. If you are a parent of school-aged children, you probably have many concerns and stress about even sending your child or kids to school.

The last thing you need to worry about is school photos being taken amidst a pandemic, but during this Covid-19 period of time in our lives, being outdoors, wearing a mask, and practicing social distancing is the safe approach to take.

From mask-wearing photographers to respectful social distancing measures, ABC School Photographers is pledging to keep kids safe while taking and creating gorgeous school photos for each one of them. Read on for more information on ABC School Photographers and the protocols that are used to provide COVID-friendly School Portrait Sessions for Kids.

Mask Wearing and Sanitization

Our photographers and other staff members are required to wear a mask or some other type of face-coverings throughout the entire time they are engaged in shooting photos of all the students.

Our staff is trained thoroughly on the recommended safety procedures regarding Covid and other contagious diseases, including temperature taking, hand sanitizing, and the sterilization of equipment, props, and other photography-related items.

Anyone exposed to COVID on our staff must self-quarantine immediately for the recommended period of time.

Social Distancing Protocols

Our photographers will maintain appropriate social distance at all times and will be taking photos outdoors whenever possible. This will even further protect staff members as well as students from many types of exposure to Covid or other viruses while taking advantage of the wonderful elements that natural lighting provides for photography. Each student will be permitted to remove their masks during each individual photo shoot and that is all.

Contactless Ordering

ABC School Photographers in New York City offers an array of photo packages for parents, grandparents, and others related to students to choose from when ordering photos. Photos can be ordered through the children’s school. Information for that process will be sent home with each of the students weeks in advance of photo day.

It is also very easy to order by contacting us by phone. We are open every day from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm to make for the best customer service possible.

ABC School Photographers

When it comes to school photography, the photographers at ABC School Photographers offer props, such as puppets, benches, flowers, and more, to help make your child’s school photo beautiful and flawless.

Our photographers have more than 28 years of combined experience in the field of portrait photography and offer services for a wide range of photos in addition to school photos.

Whether you need photos of your newborn or an older adult in addition to your school-age child’s photos, the photographers at ABC School Photographers are ready to serve you in the New York or New Jersey areas.

Boasting more than 35 years of expertise in New York and New Jersey, ABC School Photographers is renowned for transforming school moments into cherished memories. Our Complete Mobile Photography Studio comes to you, featuring the latest in photographic technology, right at your school's doorstep.

Our dedicated professional team ensures that school photo days are not just about taking pictures, but about creating a memorable, hassle-free experience.

Choose ABC School Photographers for portraits that are not just pictures, but timeless treasures of your school years!

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