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Creative Ways to Display Yearly School Portraits

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For generations, school-age children have gotten their portraits snapped at school, then brought home their packet of photos to send out to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends. The ones that don’t get sent out find their way to a place of prominence in the home. In some cases, that means a framed portrait hung on a wall, and in others it could simply mean sticking a wallet-size photo to the refrigerator.

While there is nothing wrong with this approach to school portraits, the truth is there are so many other creative ways to make the most of school photos. The whole point is to get a snapshot of a kiddo at a certain point in their life, then look back at that point and remember how much fun they were at that age. Why not display the photos in a more creative way so they can serve the same purpose but perhaps look a little more interesting in your home?

Here’s a look at some creative alternatives for yearly school portraits:

#1 Photo Collage

There are so many online photography services that allow you to upload your photographs and arrange them into a collage. If your child is old enough to have produced several years’ worth of school photography, consider a slick collage to display them all at once in a way that really pops.

#2 Get Creative with Frames

While the “One Picture Per Year” frames, which show a child growing up over time, are nothing new, there are some different types of frames available now that go beyond the old standards. For example, there are clocks with frames around the face allowing you to show the passage of time as your child grows older. Parents also could consider arranging small frames into the shape of the child’s first initial using various wallet-size photos.

#3 Use an Old Window

Something that people really seem to like is using an antique window as the main décor, with photographs in each of the four panes of glass. It’s a really slick throwback look and can help display your children’s lovely faces in a way that isn’t quite so run-of-the-mill.

#4 Makes Quilts (or Socks!)

It sounds crazy, but some companies can scan photographs onto blankets now, which could be a great thing to have around the house for when the child has gone off to college and you want to snuggle with a reminder of how cute and little they once were. There also are options to turn portraits into socks!

#5 Make a Scrapbook

There are so many ways to make scrapbooks, including the old-fashioned way with paper and glue and decorative accessories, as well as digital scrapbooks that allow you to arrange and crop those photos online, switching out backgrounds and embellishments as you see fit. Both can be a lot of fun and do a great job making the most of your child’s school photos.
Whatever you decide to do, just know that school picture companies like ABC School Photographers work hard to make sure that your child’s portraits look great so you have the ability to display them anyway you want in your home!

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