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Don’t Forget The Teachers In Your NYC Yearbook!

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Picture day is exciting and occasionally panic-inducing as students frantically touch up their makeup and inspect outfits for flaws in hallways and bathrooms, awaiting their turns. Yet in all this hustle and bustle and the desire to reflect the kids in their best light, the teachers fall to the background. Though most yearbooks do feature staff photos, they are typically mundane and often resemble driver’s license photos or mugshots. Who wants to be remembered like that? This year, instead of doing the same old thing, consider thinking outside the box and posting some photos that really incorporate the personality of your educators, so students can remember them for who they really were, and not just what subject they taught.


Most Likely To…

In most high schools, the students vote on which of their classmates embody specific traits or are predicted to achieve certain tasks in the future. Why not let them do the same for their teachers? You may not be able to do votes such as “cutest couple” but “Most Likely To Raid The Snack Machines”, “Best Dressed”, or “Hardest Final” could certainly inspire some personality-filled photos to accompany their new title, as well as encourage some friendly competition among staff


Teacher’s Pet

No, don’t ask your staff who their favorite students are, because obviously, they like them all exactly the same, right? But many teachers have animal companions that they love. Ask staff members to submit pictures of their pets and make it a guessing game of which pet belongs to which teacher. Some are probably pretty obvious while others may be completely unexpected. 


The Throwback Photo

Today’s teens love “Throwback Thursdays” on social media, so why not meet them at their level? You could have teachers simply send in childhood photos, or you could do a “photo within a photo” where the staff members bring pictures of themselves in their younger days to their school photography photoshoot and hold them in front of their faces, or as a side-by-side comparison.


Chalkboard Photos

Let’s face it, no matter what the teachers do outside of school, they will be most remembered by their students for what they did in their classroom. Featuring them in their natural environment can be a great way to preserve those memories. To make it more personal, each teacher could write their own name and a fact about themselves on their chalkboard, computer, or memo board instead of simply typing the description below their photo.



Teachers accomplish amazing things every day! Provide capes and props for the yearbook photos or let them bring their own, and allow them to create their own superhero persona. It can be related to the subject they teach or a secret passion no one knew they had. Let them get creative and expose their inner dreams.


School Photographers Capture Teachers Best Sides!

Our educators have worked especially hard this year to create a normal environment for students in a time of uncertainty. Show them how much you appreciate their efforts by allowing them to put their best faces forward in their school yearbook. Contact your local school photographers for more ideas and tips! 

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