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Five Tips for Getting a Great Yearbook Photo

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Students and parents alike put a tremendous amount of pressure on the quality of photographs that will appear in the yearbook, and with good reason. A yearbook is one of the few possessions a person owns that they will never purposefully throw away, and knowing that, it is natural for people to want to preserve themselves in these time capsules designed to last a lifetime.


Here at ABC School Photographers, we want to make sure that all our customers are happy with the end result of their school photography, so we like to provide the following tips for families and students in search of the perfect yearbook picture:


#1 Start with the Shirt


Everybody has that one shirt or dress that really complements their skin tone or eye color or hairstyle, and you know exactly what that shirt is in your closet. And that’s the good news—yearbook photos only matter from the chest up, so your only real concern should be finding the top that brings out the best in you for picture day.


#2 Get a Good Night’s Sleep


One of the simplest things you can do before picture day is get a good night’s sleep. We all know that when someone asks, “Are you tired?” what they really mean is, “Why do you look so run-down?” You don’t want that look in a yearbook photo, so get a good night’s sleep to make sure your face appears refreshed and vibrant rather than exhausted and droopy.


#3 Try Not to Experiment


Some people believe that looking their best means trying something new—a new haircut or color, or a new piercing or makeup technique. Any other day of the year, you should feel free to experiment to your heart’s content, but picture day isn’t the time for it. The last thing you want is for that experiment to go horribly wrong and completely ruin any hope of a normal-looking picture.


#4 Keep Accessories Simple


These pictures should be about your smile and your eyes, not all the extra stuff people try to squeeze into them. A simple necklace or earrings would work just fine, but going way overboard with accessories can be the sort of thing that steals the thunder away from the rest of your face.


#5 Practice!


It may sound silly, but with the advent of cell phones, students have an excellent opportunity to practice different kinds of smiles until they find one that they like. Taking selfies is something the older generations may scoff at, but in this instance, it really can be helpful in finding you a look and a smile that will work perfectly in your forthcoming yearbook photos.

If you can manage these handful of things, your yearbook pictures in New York area schools will look every bit as gorgeous as you hoped they would. We understand that you want to look good, and we want that for you, too! Following these five tips should help ensure that happens.

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