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Get The Best Yearbook Pictures In NY

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You will only be young once, but years later you will look back at your high school photos and try to relive all of the wonderful memories. While you might be able to scroll through your Facebook photos or dig out old albums, your yearbook is the place where most of your friends will go to recall your time together. Whether you are naturally photogenic or just plain awkward in front of the camera, these tips for posing in photos will help you achieve great individual and group photo poses in NY.

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Preparing For Picture Day

Though some yearbook photos will inevitably be candid shots that you cannot control, there will be some opportunities to plan ahead for at least some of your yearbook pictures in NY. Even if you normally hate photos, being properly prepared will help you relax and get some great photo poses for people to remember you by for years to come. When picture day arrives for your individuals or team and club photographs, take these steps to assure the best results:

  • Get A Good Night’s Sleep. Picture day may make you nervous, but try not to stay up all night worrying. A solid 8 hours of peaceful slumber will result in a relaxed and natural look, free of undereye bags and stress wrinkles. You got this, so rest up and get ready for the big day!
  • Wear Your Favorite Shirt. You know what looks good on you, and it’s probably the shirt that makes you feel cute and confident. Consider which colors and styles bring out your eyes and your skin tone, and try to find out what color your background will be, or select one that goes well with your outfit. Though you should feel great from head to toe, remember that most yearbook photos in NY will only really show you from shoulders or chest up, so the shirt is the most important decision.
  • Keep It Simple. You want the attention to be on your face, so don’t wear any big showy jewelry or accessories that will be distracting or that may clash with lighting or background. Simple lines and shapes that complement your face and skin tone will go a long way on camera.
  • Don’t go overboard with makeup: You want to look your best, but, just like with accessories, simple and natural is the way to go with your makeup. Try to avoid particular dramatic colors and designs, and don’t experiment with a new look that you have not mastered yet. Go with lip balm over lip gloss to give the appearance that you always wake up just this fabulous!
  • Practice Your Best Angles. One of the best tips for posing in photos is to make use of a technique you probably already use daily: the selfie! Grab your phone camera and try out different angles. Learn your face inside and out. What are your best and worst features? Do you love your eyes but are not so fond of your nose? Find ways to accentuate the positive so there is not as much focus on your less fabulous side. And don’t forget to look up right before the photographer takes the shot so you look alert.
  • Be Yourself! Above all, remember that you are unique and amazing, and your friends want to remember you just as you were. If you want to try a new haircut or color, do it a few weeks before your photo so you look natural and comfortable on film.

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