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Getting Good Photos When You Don’t Feel Photogenic in NYC

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Even if you constantly snap pictures of your kids, there is no substitute for school photos. Whether you keep updated photos in your wallet to show friends and complete strangers or display every year’s picture in chronological order over your fireplace, school pictures help keep those school memories alive. Unfortunately, not all kids are as excited for pictures as the grownups, and many are very shy in front of the camera. While preparation can help, the best way to get the best results from your child’s professional school photos in New York is to help your children feel good about themselves. Try these tips to help your kids become more confident on picture day and beyond!

Helping Kids Build Confidence

You think your child is beautiful, but they may not share that opinion. Low self-esteem comes from many sources, but parents have the ability to really influence how kids feel about themselves. Every day is full of opportunities to build your child up, and that confidence is sure to show on film!

Play With Your Children

This may seem a little bit silly, but there is no better way to make your children feel worthwhile than to spend time with them on their own level. Sure, you see them every day at dinnertime and take them places, but quality time means different things to kids than it does to adults. Put your own work, social obligations, and agenda aside and make plans to join your children in an activity of their own choosing. Focus on them, let them lead the way and make the rules, and show them that you value their activities as much as you do your own.

Give Them Jobs To Do

Confidence stems from feeling capable of doing great things. The youngest members of your family can contribute to the running of your household and the community at large. There are parts of nearly every task that can be handled by small children. Assign your kids regular chores that are age-appropriate to set them up for success. Something as small as setting the table every night or feeding the family pets can help youngsters feel that they are really part of something instead of being passive observers in their own lives. Tasks should get more challenging as children get older so that they feel their jobs are important.

Compliments Vs. Encouragement

Like adults, children love to hear that they have done a good job or look great, but meaningful encouragement should be a bit more intentional. Try to focus on your child’s effort, improvement, and personality traits rather than the end result In this way, you are letting your child know that you are proud of them for their efforts, and not just when they are successful. This kind of unconditional love helps children feel that they are always worthwhile, not just when they win. 

Picture Day Enthusiasm

Ongoing efforts to build confidence will benefit your child in many ways that go beyond great-looking school pictures. As picture day gets closer, you can look together at previous school photos or other family photos and recall fond memories of that time or comment on how happy or relaxed the child looks in those pictures, rather than focusing on physical looks. This will help them look forward to picture day rather than dread it.

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