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Senior Yearbook Photo Tips For NYC Teens

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Of all the pictures you will ever pose for, the senior yearbook photo is one of the most important. This single picture is how you will be remembered by friends, teachers, and teammates, and you will also want to show it to your children someday. Be prepared for your senior yearbook pictures to make sure you are proud of the results.


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How To Prepare Before Picture Day

Stay Healthy

It is easy to tell when someone is not feeling well, especially on camera. Get plenty of rest in the days leading up to your senior yearbook photo session. The night before your appointment, make sure you go to sleep early so you don’t suffer from bags under the eyes. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food so you stay nourished and hydrated, with a natural glow.


Practice Posing

Yearbook pictures should look natural, but a little bit of practice is important. Learn your best angles and features as well as wish you’d like to avoid showing off. Learn to squinch and look up at the camera so you will be able to strike a favorable pose on demand.


Wardrobe Selection

Most senior portraits are closeups, so it is best to focus on your top half. Pick a shirt or dress that is comfortable and in a color that compliments your complexion and skin tone. Go easy on accessories, selecting simple items that will not distract from your face or smile, or clash with one another or your outfit.


Hair And Makeup

It is natural to want to look your best in your senior yearbook pictures, but it is also important to look like yourself. Avoid drastic new hairstyles right before your photo session. Simple styles look best on film and are less likely to get damaged before the photos are taken. A professional hair and makeup session is a good idea if it is within your budget, but you will want to make sure you can do touch-ups on your own to avoid disaster.


How To Prepare On Picture Day

Arrive early

Most NYC photographers have busy schedules, especially during yearbook photo season. Make sure you know how to get to your photo shoot location and leave extra time for traffic or delayed public transit. Arriving a bit early allows you to take the time to perform needed touch-ups to hair and makeup as well as to take a few minutes to relax so you do not appear rushed and stressed in your photo.


Bring Company

Waiting for your turn to take your yearbook picture is always more fun if you have company. Bring along a parent or friend to help you pass the time and also to assist with hair and makeup touch-ups and give you ideas on how to improve your appearance.


Emergency Kit

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Do not let a little accident or hiccup ruin your yearbook photos! Come prepared with your makeup and hair products in case you need to do some touch-ups. You may also want to bring props that reflect your personality or clubs and organizations you belong to, or a few changes of clothing if you are allowed multiple shots. Do not forget water and a book to read to pass the time.


Ask Your Photographer For Advice

There is a reason you are using a professional photographer. Ask their advice about poses, props, outfits, and other particulars. They have been doing this for a long time and have special insight into how photos will turn out, so use their expertise to your advantage!


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