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Six Tips for Perfecting Your Makeup for School Pictures

Almost the exact moment that the excitement of school’s return wears off, students turn their attention to school picture day. These photos are used not only for the yearbook and for school IDs, but there also is a very good chance that they will be hung up in somebody’s house for at least the better part of a year (or longer, the case of certain grandparents).

For that reason, it obviously is important for students to make sure they look their best for ABC School Photographers this fall. For female students old enough to wear makeup, that means getting your cosmetics right before you say, “Cheese!”

Doing makeup any day is an art that can take quite a bit of time, but the following tips will help ensure that you look your best when it matters most:

1. Use matte makeup.

When choosing what sorts of makeup to wear in the first place, avoid anything with a dewy finish because the shine will reflect off the flash. Nobody wants to be shiny in school pictures, and matte makeups are designed to ensure that does not happen.

2. Don’t use lighter-colored powder.

Another potential flash-related issue can come courtesy of powder that is too light. It may look great in the warm glow of the sun, but the artificial light of the flashbulb is considerably less forgiving. Use a darker, warmer-colored powder on picture day to avoid the flash washing out your tone.

3. Avoid makeup with SPF.

For much of the summer, makeup with SPF included is a great way to avoid bringing on wrinkles any faster than they already planned on coming, but makeup with SPF does not look particularly excellent in professional photos. Like those lighter powders, it can turn a normal-looking face ghostly in the wrong light.

4. Consider using extra bronzer or blush.

While the first three tips are about what not to do, this is a tip to keep your face radiant under the flash. A little extra bronzer or blush will keep the color in your face full.

5. Shape eyebrows well in advance.

We understand the need and desire to pluck rogue eyebrows ahead of picture day, and for those truly renegade eyebrows there could even be a need for waxing. Do not, however, pluck or wax your eyebrows within 24 hours of getting your school picture taken. Doing so could leave embarrassing red marks on your brow that no makeup will conceal.

6. Don’t use picture day to try something new.

Some people use school pictures as an opportunity to try something new in an attempt to look their best, but picture day is not the time for experimentation. Apply your makeup as expertly as possible, which means using techniques that are tried and true. Save that new look for the weekend, when it’s just Snapchat selfies rather than pricy professional photographs.

Everybody wants to look their best for school pictures, and for those young women hoping to look great in front of the camera, these helpful tips should help toward those ends. ABC School Photographers want to bring out the best in you. Wearing tasteful, clean makeup can really help ensure that happens.