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The Benefits of Classroom Pictures

Every year when a school decides to bring in school photographers to take portraits of its students, parents find themselves rooting through all the different package options in search of the best combination of value and content, so here at ABC School Photography we work hard every year to give customers excellent value. Recently, that has included adding full classroom photos to some of our packages. More and more administrators are leaning toward these types of offerings, for reasons that benefit both their students and their teachers.

The following are a few of the benefits that come with providing full classroom photos to parents and students as a supplement to individual portraits in the fall:

Students Want to Remember Their Classmates as Much as Themselves

Any time a child is in a sport, they get the individual photo of the athlete as well as a team picture, and the reason why is simple: kids want to remember their teams just as much as they want to remember what they looked like in a soccer uniform when they were eight years old. The same is true for classroom photos. Students love to remember what they looked like at that age, but they also love the idea of seeing what they looked like with their classmates in an everyday setting. That’s a valuable memory for them beyond just the individual portrait.

Teachers Appreciate These Records, Too

Over the course of a teacher’s career, they will work with hundreds and possibly even thousands of students. Keeping track of those kids is a laborious chore, but these types of classroom photographs can be great for their own records and memories. Someday, when a student comes back to them as an adult to thank them for influencing their lives, these group photos will help them go back to those days and see not just a mugshot, but a photo of them among peers in their actual classroom.

Don’t Forget the Classroom!

The actual classroom is an important part of those memories, too. Not only do students want to remember their teachers and classmates, but to have this picture taken in their actual room allows them to remember where they learned every day. That also can be an important part of their memories.

The Time and Cost is Minimal for Schools

Finally, it doesn’t cost schools anything but a little extra time to snap these photographs. If anything, the sale of classroom photos could add to the royalties a school sees. The more that we make here at ABC School Photography, the more the school gets, too, so is a little extra money worth a few minutes of instructional time for a photo capturing an important memory? It certainly feels like very little risk for quite a large reward.

If you would like more information about these classroom photos, give us a call here at ABC School Photography and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. This fall, you may be able to provide parents with an offering that they love, while students and teachers will get their benefits from it, as well.