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Three Timeless Picture Day Outfits for Girls

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As adults, it is easy to look back on picture day as one of the most anxiety-inducing days of any school year. Still hanging on the walls of many of our childhood homes are pictures of us with braces on our teeth, outdated frizzy hairstyles and clothing that went out of style before we had even moved onto the next grade.

In many ways, reminiscing about those embarrassing times can be worth a good laugh, but most of us would much rather look back on those old pictures and think to ourselves how great we looked in our youth. Certainly we want that for our own children. Being an adult is a practice in protecting our progeny from the trappings of our own adolescence, and getting a child ready for school photos in New York, especially in the digital age, is a perfect way to practice the important life lesson of looking your best when it matters most.

For girls and young women especially, that starts with the clothes they choose to wear. The following are three timeless outfits for female students to consider as we come up on picture days and schools all over Staten Island, NY:

Option 1 – Many of the riskier outfits that teenage girls have worn over the years have been incredibly trendy, sporting the bright colors and patterns and character of their respective eras. Perhaps the easiest way to appear timeless in photos is to wear a simple, plain-color shirt with a conservative neckline. Black, white and tan all are inoffensive options, particularly if they feature a simple crew-neck or V-neck. Best of all: any of these shirts can go well with clean, dark jeans for photos that show the whole body.

Option 2 – For young women that would rather wear a dress, a lot of the same things apply. While a black dress could potentially look too formal for a full day of school, muted colors with patterns no more complicated than understated stripes are about as timeless as dresses get. Don’t get creative with the sleeves and avoid straps that are too thin. As long as the material is comfortable and the dress is ironed, a dress can be great on picture day.

Option 3 – Sweaters are great if the weather is cool enough for them when your fall picture day rolls around, but once again, they should be as plain as possible. Anything with a logo of any type makes an outfit look less classy. No matter how much younger students may love Disney princesses or Paw Patrol, they shouldn’t come to picture day with those characters’ pictures on their clothes.

If you have any questions about ideal outfits for picture day, give us a call here at ABC School Photographers and we’ll be happy to walk you through your best bets this fall. Like all school photographers in New York, we want to help young female students look great for their school portraits, not just this year but for years to come.

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