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Tips for Jr High School Picture Day Outfit 

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Picture day is an exciting day in any child and parent’s life and can act to forever immortalize precious adolescent moments. Choosing what to wear for high school picture day can be tough, but luckily, detailed below are some tips to keep in mind before the big day.

Basic Guidelines for Picture Day Outfits

Some basic guidelines to follow in terms of what to wear are sweaters, dresses, long or short-sleeved tops, neat t-shirts, ironed collared shirts, or a clean soft polar fleece.

Clothes should be solid colors in subdued hues (think either bright or dark colors), and make sure everything fits. Be sure to stay away from busy patterns like plaids and polka dots and avoid anything sleeveless.

Wearing shirts that immortalize childhood passions should only be done if intentional.

Clothes should be clean and stain-free and send a second shirt in case of snack accidents. 

Color Theory for Picture Day Outfits

Choosing a shirt color that flatters your skin tone is important. There are two basic types of skin tone: warm and cool. Warm complexions have yellow undertones, whereas cool complexions have pink undertones. 

To find out this information, examine the veins. The easiest place to see veins is on the back of the hand, or on the inside of the wrist, directly below where your palm starts. If the veins are blue, the skin tone is cool, and if green, the skin tone is warm. If it’s too hard to distinguish, it’s probably neutral. 

If this doesn’t work, give the white paper test. Hold a piece of clean white paper next to the throat and chest. Notice the colors that show when juxtaposed with the white piece of paper. If blue and pink colors are seen, then that translates to cool-toned skin. If green and gold colors are seen, then that means warm-toned skin.

If further clarification is needed, simply consider how the skin responds to sun exposure. Those with cool-toned skin are easily sunburned, while those with warm-toned skin will tan. If you find neither burn nor tan, nor that the burns quickly heal into a tan, then that means the skin tone is neutral.

The best colors for warm skin tones are green, brown, mustard yellow, warm reds, peach, coral, amber, and gold. The best colors for cool skin tones are emeralds, deep purples, lavender, pink, ice blue, bright blues, pale yellows, rose reds, and rubies. For neutral skin tones, look for colors like mauve, dusty blush, champagne, mint, and blue lagoon.

Schedule a haircut at least 10 days ahead of time and make sure the bangs do not cover the face. Remember that neat, shiny hair always looks best and it’s best not to attempt complicated hairstyles. Children with shorter hair should make sure to wet and comb their hair before the photo is taken. 

If a child wears glasses that are light-sensitive, they might need to remove them if the photos are taken outdoors. If the child has a pair of glasses that does not get dark, tell them to bring those. Non-reflective lenses are best, and just to be sure, ask that the child be photographed with and without glasses.

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