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One of the most exciting parts of bringing home a new baby is showing off just how adorable he or she is to your friends and family. Thanks to social media, there are a million ways to do that these days, but even with cell phone cameras literally everywhere, there still is a lot to be said for a professional newborn photo session. Our professionals at ABC School Photography can help with these newborn portraits, starting with a few tips to ensure that your newborn photo session goes as smoothly as possible. 


When to Schedule baby photoshoot

While there’s no way to know exactly when a baby will make its way into the world, we do recommend trying to schedule your photo session before the baby arrives. Typically, the best photos come in the baby’s first two weeks of life (with the “sweet spot” between four and seven days old), so as a full-term pregnancy comes to a close, get on the calendar in plenty of time to ensure you book the photographer you want.  

Clothing & Props

A baby will look good in just about anything, but for the full family shots, make sure that Mom feels beautiful for the photograph. The significant other should wear a shirt complementary in color to Mom’s, while siblings should wear solid, neutral colors to keep the focus of these newborn family portraits on the baby.

The baby will spend much of the session wrapped in blankets, wraps, knit hats, and headbands, which the family obviously can provide. Other toys, hats, or family heirlooms are great additions, as well. The newborn is the star, so bring anything you think may enhance their photos!

Before the Session

Prepare Your Baby

You will want some photos of the baby sleeping, so if the baby can be a little sleepy for the session, that’s a good thing. We also suggest loosening up the baby’s diaper about a half hour before the session starts so any imprint marks on their skin have time to disappear before we start snapping photos.

Keep Things Warm & Bright

If the photos are taken at a studio, they will handle the lighting and temperature, but if you do host your session in your home, consider turning up the heat a little before the session so your baby is comfortable and warm while being photographed. It also helps the photographer if all the windows are open for maximum natural light.

During the Session

Keep the Baby Comfortable

Any photographer is going to make your baby look great, so while they are snapping pictures of your infant, your job is to stay in-tune to what the baby needs—a new diaper, a quick feeding, or maybe even a toy. Photographers are very patient in this regard because they know it helps the final outcome of the photo session, so do whatever your baby needs to stay comfortable.

Enjoy Yourself!

These photos are supposed to be fun for the whole family, so revel in all the attention your baby receives during the session, and start looking forward to the finished product!

If you would like more information on infant photo sessions, reach out to someone here at ABC School Photography and we will be happy to help. Babies don’t say that tiny forever, so capturing them on film while they are so little and cute is important!

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