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Tips For Staying Happy And Healthy On Picture Day

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It is natural for parents and children alike to be excited about picture day. Though yearbook photos often include candid shots, the official school portraits and team and club photos should be carefully planned to exceed expectations. ABC School Photographers suggests taking these basic steps to help children to have a happy and healthy picture day.

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5 Picture Day Tips For NYC Students


Many parents get their children excited for picture day by buying a new outfit. If your child will be wearing something new for picture day, it is wise to wear it once or twice beforehand so you can discover if it is comfortable enough to result in a relaxed photo. Consider choosing something fairly simple to get on and off, especially if your child is younger and will need to use the bathroom before their school photo session. Know which colors look best with your child’s skin tone and avoid logos so that the focus is on how utterly adorable they are and not what company or television show they are advertising. Pick any accessories ahead of time as well so that you can ensure that they match the outfit selection and will not clash in the picture.


Just like outfit selection, the hairstyle should be very intentional. New haircuts should be scheduled for several days to a couple of weeks ahead of picture day to give your child time to adjust. If you will not be with your childhood before their photo session, it will be necessary for your child to make any adjustments and touch-ups on their own. Complicated braids or styles that require products that may not even be allowed on school premises will almost certainly result in disaster. Try any hairstyle out in advance to anticipate potential problems and find solutions.

Prepare Your Child

For your child to feel confident, they must know what the procedure will be. Try to find out what time their pictures will be taken, and go over the schedule for the day. See what the rules are for props and accessories. Practice posing with your child. Help them find a position that is comfortable and will put their best face forward. You cannot plan for everything, but the fewer surprises, the better.

No Pressure!

Although preparation and practice make perfect, pressure can undo it all. Remember that 10 or 20 years from now, these photos will be how your child is remembered. Let them be themselves, including their flaws and quirks. It is not the end of the world if your child has a cowlick, or a mischievous smirk rather than a saccharine smile. Embrace their personality and strive for relaxation, confidence, and authenticity.

Stay Healthy

A healthy child looks great on camera! Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest the night before picture day. Feed them a good, healthy breakfast and make sure they have snacks and fluids throughout the day. Remind them how awesome they are and boost their confidence. 

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