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Top Tips for Overcoming Blemishes on School Picture Day

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While modern digital technology makes most blemishes or errors in school pictures fixable, it’s much better to avoid them in the first place.

At ABC our highly experienced photographers know just how to use props and poses to get a relaxed and smiling image of your child that you and your extended family will all love.

But a few simple steps taken by you before school picture day can really help the process. For example:-

  • If a haircut is necessary, it’s best to have this done a week to ten days before the scheduled school picture day. This allows time for the cut to settle and the child to become comfortable with it. Simple cuts are at much less risk of getting messed up during boisterous recesses. 
  • Likewise with clothes; simplest is best. Smart shirts, dresses or tees, sweaters or fleeces in colors that complement your child’s skin, hair and eye color are great options.
  • Bright, vibrant colors are generally better than pastels, but the precise color to suit your child depends very much on their skin tone. Broadly speaking, darker or olive complexions can be enhanced with strong blues, greens, purples or burgundies while paler (cool) complexions look best when set against lighter blue or green.    
  • Whatever clothing items you choose you obviously want them free of stains for the photo, so why not consider sending your child to school with a spare just in case of lunchtime or recess accidents.
  • Reflective glare can sometimes be a problem in the case of children who wear glasses and although this is to some extent correctable, non-reflective lenses are the best choice. Light sensitive glasses are also best avoided if the picture is to be taken outdoors.

But above all, it’s important not to over-think these preparations or, worse, allow yourself to communicate any stress you are feeling to your child. A relaxed, happy and smiling child will look great in their school pictures almost regardless of what they’re wearing; but if a child is stressed, this will infallibly be communicated through the photo, however perfect your preparations may have been.

Perfecting Your Photo – What We Can Do

So to reduce stress, be aware that there are many things we at ABC can do with the latest digital technology.

Elimination of Facial Glare

Smooth, shiny skin can sometimes reflect so much light, whether from sunlight or bright interior lighting, that this appears on the photo as an unattractive glare. Fortunately, this can easily be removed.

Removal of Stray Hairs and Skin Blemishes

However carefully cut and styled, there’s always the chance that a stray or flyaway hair may fall across a child’s face or into their eyes, spoiling the photo. Fortunately, these can now be removed using a straightforward technique.

The same applies to skin blemishes such as spots. Although concealer products may help, these can still show in the final image, so it can be best in some circumstances to rely on the retouching process to remove them.     

Dental Corrections

While that gap-toothed smile may be endearing to you, it’s possible that your child is sensitive about it. So reassure them that this can easily be corrected after the event. Visible orthodontic braces can also be removed from the image if desired. 

Color Changes

If the background to your photo is found for some reason to clash with your child’s clothing, skin or hair tone, the color of the background can be changed. We can even alter the color of the clothing if need be.

In Summary

A little forethought and preparation combined with our experience and expertise will guarantee you a photo of your child to enjoy and cherish.

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Our dedicated professional team ensures that school photo days are not just about taking pictures, but about creating a memorable, hassle-free experience.

Choose ABC School Photographers for portraits that are not just pictures, but timeless treasures of your school years!

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