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What to Ask Schools Before Taking School Portraits in NYC

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Photographers tasked with taking school portraits have the huge responsibility of corralling hundreds of children and establishing a comfort level while trying to get all their attention for a few seconds. While this exciting moment takes a few seconds for each child, it leaves an impact that will last for many years. With so much to do in a short time, school photographers have to be adequately prepared to ensure their mission is completed successfully and on time. 

At ABC School Photographers, we have over 28 years of experience working with schools and students in New York and New Jersey. To do our job well, we need to ask a few questions before the photography session to help with our preparations. 

In this article, we will discuss eight important questions photographers should ask schools when preparing for school portrait photography.

1. What are the photography requirements for your school?

It’s imperative to set the appropriate expectations from the start. Each school will have different requirements depending on the number of students and the age group. 

2. Are you looking for a specific photography style?

In most cases, you will have class portraits and individual photographs, but it’s always good to ask about the style to prepare for the sessions. The school will probably use the pictures you take in yearbooks and other areas of the school. 

3. How many kids will we be photographing?

Bigger schools require more time as they have more children. It’s essential to know the number and ages to know which students should start. Knowing the number and the time allocated allows you to create a system that will label the pictures correctly and set the lighting for consistency, simplicity, and streamlined editing.

4. When do you need the school portraits?

While the turnaround time depends on you, the school may have a different schedule. Some schools may need their photographs sooner, while others are patient enough to wait one or two months for manual and paper-based processes.

5. Do you need a re-take day?

Some schools will schedule a retake day to shoot students who were not satisfied with their pictures. You can schedule retakes a few weeks later; that’s why it’s a good idea to ask for this information.

6. Do you have children who need props?

Children are becoming more creative during photoshoots. Students above ten years may request to shoot their portraits with props. Some arrive for picture day armed with accessories from pets to Halloween costumes or wearing sunglasses and hats to complicate or enhance their looks. Again, it’s essential to ask about this to prepare adequately.

7. How many images does your school need?

Each parent may have a different number of images which can be challenging to track. Most schools coordinate the process by requesting two or three pictures per student and several copies for group and class portraits.

8. Are you coordinating with the parents for order and pickup? 

Some schools require photographers to mail the photographs to parents via email or mail to their home or office addresses if they come in paper form. Others take the initiative to send the images to the parents themselves or have parents collect them at the school. Other schools will coordinate the group portraits but leave individual student pictures for parents to order and collect.

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