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Why Buy School Photo Prints In New York?

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Every stage of your child’s life is precious, with new developments happening each year. School photographs allow parents and other loved ones to remember their children as they were in each grade and to compare those moments in a tangible way. Modern parents love getting their children’s school photos in a digital file because they are easier to store, backup, and share via email and social media and are relatively inexpensive compared to other options. However, there are many reasons to order a photo package that includes prints from school photography companies in New York. 

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Technology Changes Over Time

Whether your child is a kindergartener or about to graduate high school, you have lived through a lot of technological advancement. Your cell phone and computer look nothing like the ones you had as a child—if they were even readily available then—and many programs and files you have may no longer run on your new devices. The same will be true probably less than 10 years from now. Yearbook photos saved on your computer or in cloud storage will need to be converted to another method in order to stand the test of time, but prints stored properly will prevail.  

Prints Are Tangible

While you might love changing your Facebook profile picture to your child’s photo on their birthday or Mother’s Day, the real value in school photographs is the memories they represent. When you want to reflect on how much your child has grown, or share a story about your child with a friend, you don’t want to dig a file out and view it on a computer screen, you want to hold those school pictures in your hand, pass them around, and really get transported back to that moment in time. Digital files cannot be hung on your wall or placed in a photo album or your wallet for easy access.

Why Not Print Yourself When You Need Them?

Even if you already love the idea of photo prints, you may be tempted to print your own copies from digital files at a later date. After all, most pharmacies and department stores have photo printing services available and many home printers even accommodate photo printing. The trouble is, no matter how high-tech those machines are, this is a situation where you usually get what you pay for. School photography companies in New York not only have more advanced technology, but the photographer’s eye catches any flaws or errors to ensure that the prints reflect what the original image looked like.

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