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Why School Pictures Are the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Why School Pictures Are the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Every spring, millions of children all over the United States struggle to come up with the perfect gift for their mothers. While there certainly are more than a handful of noodle macaroni portraits and hand-drawn rainbows awaiting the mothers of the world every May, many would likely admit that, deep down, they would love something a little more substantial. While no one ever wants to act as though they expect a gift, everybody appreciates getting the right one.

The trick is finding the perfect present for Mother’s Day. Here at ABC School Photographers, one idea we often recommend is framed school pictures. What makes mothers happier than their own children’s smiling, happy faces?

They Capture the Sentimentality of a Moment

While there are a number of reasons why school photos make great Mother’s Day gifts, the easiest to comprehend is the sentimentality that comes with such a gift. A professional picture of a child captures that child in an adorable moment, which is something any mother would love. Even better, as the years go on, and that child grows up, and the adorable moment, frozen in time, only will become more valuable.

They Are Personalized

Another reason why school pictures make such great gifts for mothers is because they very clearly have been done for Mom and Mom alone. While certain types of gifts—clothes, snacks, gift certificates—could be wrapped up and given to anybody on the face of the planet, a framed photo of a woman’s child is something that could only be meant for her. Personalized gifts are often the most meaningful, and nothing is more personalized than a school photograph of a mother’s child.

They Are Reasonably Affordable

Purchasing a frame for school photos isn’t going to break the bank, which is another reason why these are such desirable gifts. There are all sorts of ways to make grand gestures on Mother’s Day, but not all of them must be expensive. Gorgeous frames in all shapes, sizes, and colors are available at many different popular retailers, and chances are that you already have some school portraits on-hand. It’s a meaningful gift that won’t totally destroy the month’s budget.

The Presentation Can Make or Break the Gift

The lovely thing about using school photos as a Mother’s Day gift is that there are so many different ways to present something in a meaningful way. Yes, just framing an 8×10 in a lovely frame is one way to go (especially if the frame matches a certain room’s color scheme or is Mom’s favorite hue), but there are other ways to use the photograph in collages or other personalized items for the home. There are so many ways to use school photos for great Mother’s Day gifts. All you need is a little bit of creativity.

ABC School Photographers work hard to make your child look great in these portraits every year, so hopefully you will be able to turn those professional photos into an unforgettable gift for the woman in your life that truly deserves the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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