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Why Use a Local School Photo Company Over Larger Brands?

When it comes to getting school photos done, both for the yearbook and for take-home portraits, the powers that be have to make a decision between a local school photo company like ABC School Photography, or a much larger, nationwide franchise photographer. There are a huge number of schools across the country that use those larger franchises, but in areas where there are better local options, smaller photography companies certainly are worthy of consideration.

Three Reasons to Use a Local School Photo Company

While there obviously are pros and cons to both options, there are a handful of distinct advantages that come with choosing a smaller local photographer, including:

Customer Service (Accessibility)

One of the most obvious reasons for choosing a local photographer is the quality of customer service one gets when speaking with the person actually responsible for helping the customers. Bigger companies very often direct customers to call centers, which feature multitudes of employees that have no idea who you are or what your unique needs may be. They may not even live in the same state as you, so to say you would be getting personalized care, especially when compared to the alternative, would not necessarily be true. With a smaller company like ABC School Photography, we take on fewer jobs and handle customer service in-house, which means getting personalized service and more accessibility to the people that actually care about your business and know how to help you.

Quality (Accountability)

Another major advantage to using a smaller photography is a guarantee for a stronger quality product. Franchise photographers are selling a brand name a whole lot more than they are selling actual photography. Their product will be fine, but as a photographer with an office in the same state as their clients, we are held accountable for actually producing a high-quality product. It isn’t about the brand for us; it’s about making sure the people we live and work with everyday are happy with the job we do.

Community Support

One of the most obvious reasons that shopping local in any context is a good idea is to support your local community. If there is someone providing a service in your area for comparable quality and price when compared to national franchises, why not spend your money in a way that enriches your own area rather than swelling the coffers of some huge company CEO that in no way would be given the opportunity to reinvest that money into the local community. If a school district has to spend money on school photos either way, why not hire a company that operates locally?

If you would like more information from ABC School Photography or would be interested in getting a bid from us for future photography needs, simply reach out to someone here at our building and we’ll be happy to get you set up for years to come. We take great pride in the work in we do–so much, in fact, that we work and live in the same communities as the people we service.