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Why You Should Take Spring School Portraits

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Here at ABC School Photography, we very often have parents ask us why there are school photos taken in both the fall and the spring. It hasn’t always been like this, after all, and many people don’t remember taking the spring photos back when they were children.

While the purposes of fall photos, which are used in the school yearbooks and class photos, remain clear, we find that many people don’t fully appreciate the benefits of getting spring photos taken, too. While anybody is free to choose one or the other, there are some great reasons for opting to take the spring photos, including:

#1 Different Poses

The purpose of the spring photo sessions is completely different than the fall photos. For starters, fall portraits focus only on the student’s head and shoulders, while spring photos show much more of the student’s person, liked you’d see done in a professional photography session. The poses are more relaxed and diverse in the spring, too, giving parents many more options when deciding on a package to buy.

#2 There Are More Backgrounds from Which to Choose

Depending on what the school asks for, spring school portraits also incorporate more intricate and interesting backdrops, sometimes even including props for them to rest their arms on during more natural poses. Unlike the green screen that photographers use for fall photographs in an effort to keep every backdrop uniform for yearbook purposes, spring photos allow for more variation and more choices.

#3 They Are More Affordable Than Professional Sittings

While fall photos are taken by professionals, they don’t look anything like what you’d get at a professional sitting. The quality of spring photos is similar to what you’d pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for in an official session, but our prices are so much more reasonable because we’re able to take so many pictures in quick succession. The price is right, and the quality is professional-grade.

#4 You Could Be Raising Money for Your Child’s School

When schools agree to let ABC School Photography take their school pictures, they also agree to a commission-based system in which they earn a percentage of every photo package sold. In adding a spring session to the calendar, extra sales mean extra money for your child’s school, which ultimately would go toward more of the resources they would need to be successful as students.

#5 You Get Another Chance at a Great Picture

Finally, some families just appreciate getting another opportunity to take the perfect picture. While we’d all love for our children to smile perfectly every single time, it doesn’t always work like that. Spring photos are an easy, affordable re-do for those kids that recently got off their braces or have a different haircut.

If you have any questions about spring photos, just give us a call here at ABC School Photography and we’ll be happy to answer all queries. Otherwise, we hope to see your child at spring photos this year, and we look forward to seeing the smiles on your children’s faces as they grin for the camera one last time this school year.

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