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How To Prep For High Senior School Photos in NYC

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Everybody wants to look their best for their senior school portrait, and also everybody wants to not take it too seriously.  These two goals work perfectly well together, and it is only if either of are taken to their extremes that they would be contradictory. It makes perfect sense to put a little thought and planning into how to prepare for your high school senior school photos in NYC.  Just don’t get carried away.

The Best Advice is the Most Basic Advice

The simplest and most important tip that you can use to get ready for senior pictures is to make sure that you get enough sleep the night before the pictures are taken.  Everything is easier when the person being photographed is well-rested.  There is no need to cover up bags under the eyes or tension on the brow if you are well-rested and neither of those conditions exists.

Get a haircut, and remember that a lot of times a haircut looks best after it’s had a couple of days to settle in.  Astringent facial treatments can be helpful, but again, avoid anything that would irritate or redden the skin, and try to work a few days ahead instead of improvising the night before.  Remember that sudden decisions are the path to the worst possible outcome here, so make a plan and stick to it.  You want to look relaxed, and the best way to look relaxed is to be relaxed.

Don’t Go Overboard

Modeling tricks like biting the inside of your cheeks or holding your neck at an angle to minimize a double chin certainly do work.  That is why models do things like that. So yes, there is much to be accomplished with tape and makeup, but on the other hand, why?  Just be yourself.  Know that it is a virtual guarantee that, in a very short time, you will not look back at your senior school pictures with any sense of competition whatsoever. You will look at your yearbook with a sense of celebration of having been there, at that time, with those people.  This will happen far faster than you can possibly expect, and this feeling of camaraderie will intensify as long as you live. Your senior school photos are a great place to just be honest and just be yourself. The best look that anyone can have for their senior photographs is to be relaxed and secure in themselves. Don’t fake a smile and don’t waste time worrying about pimples and tiny imperfections. Look in the camera and feel how you feel.  Trust us; that’s what you’re going to want to remember.

Use Your Background

If you are having the pictures taken in a professional studio or in front of a backdrop, then your choices are already made about the background. However, if at least some of these senior pictures are going to be taken outside, then remember that you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Use it! 

So start making your plans for your best high school senior photos in NYC. With a little bit of preparation and a little bit of attitude, you are going to shine. Contact ABC School Photographers today!

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