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Posing for NYC School Pictures in Glasses

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Everyone wants to look their best in their yearbook photos but it is also important to look like yourself. Drastically changing your hair color or wearing colored contacts may result in people not being able to remember you 10 or 20 years down the line. The same premise applies to your glasses. If you suddenly opt for contact lenses or simply leave your glasses at home on picture day, you may render yourself unrecognizable, yet many students do just that because of a fear that their glasses will not photograph well.

Check out our gallery to see how a school photographer in New York gets amazing photos for your picture albums or yearbook pictures. 

Tips For Taking Photos With Glasses On

Talk to your school photographer in New York if you are concerned that your glasses will negatively affect your yearbook photo. Try these tips for the best results. 

Change Up Your Frames

Being comfortable in front of the camera makes a big difference. If you own more than one pair of glasses, pick your favorite frames for your yearbook photoshoot. If you do not love any of your frames, consider buying a new pair that feels more authentic. Experiment with different colors and shapes and find frames that flatter your face or complement your eyes or complexion. Avoid oversized frames that hide your eyes, because this can prevent your personality from shining through in your photos. Anything you can do to create more confidence is a good thing!

Let Light Work With You, Not Against You

A major complication of taking pictures wearing glasses is the glare against the lenses. Pay attention to where the light is coming from in the setting you have chosen. Avoid direct light if possible. If you cannot change the light because of elements beyond your control, try different angles. Tilting your head to one side or angling down can help avoid the glare. If you are using a professional photographer in NY, ask them for feedback or ideas and try a few different poses to increase the chances of finding at least one that you like. 

Get Dramatic!

Your glasses will not be invisible, so you might as well have fun with them! Draw attention to those frames you love so much and get flirty or coy! Don’t be afraid to make a fun face in at least one pose to see if you can make it work for you!

Position Your Frames

Glasses can often block your eyes in school photos in NY, especially if you are moving around a bit and trying out different poses. Pushing your glasses further up the bridge of your nose may feel a little high and awkward but this positioning tends to keep the frames in place better so you do not end up with surprises when you look through the final shots.

Practice Before Your Photo Shoot

Practice makes perfect when it comes to finding your perfect yearbook photo pose. Try taking selfies at different angles and in different types of lighting or ask a friend to help you. Make sure you know how to duplicate your favorite poses so you can achieve them at your photoshoot. 

Work With A Professional School Photographer In New York

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