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Preparing For Your New York Photo Shoot

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The best way to ensure amazing yearbook photos is to hire a professional school photographer in New York but there are things you can do to help things go smoothly. Preparation for your photoshoot begins long before you step into the studio and continues until your pictures are received. Keep these picture day tips in mind far in advance to get the best photos.

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Preparing Before Picture Day


Remember Your Appointment

The worst thing you can do is miss your appointment. Your school photographer likely has many photos to take, so it is important to be on time for your photoshoot. Put your appointment in any calendars you keep, both physically and on your phone. Do not forget to set reminders a few days before, the night before, and the morning of your appointment to make sure it does not slip your mind. Consider what you have going on before and after your appointment and make sure you are not rushing or stressed.

Plan Your Wardrobe

You want to look your best on picture day but it is also important to be comfortable. Select an outfit far in advance and have a few alternatives just in case something happens to your first choice. Select fabrics that you can move easily in and that will not be too hot to wear under the photographer’s lighting. Pick simple designs and colors that complement your skin tone and hair color and reflect your personal style

Hair And Makeup

As with your wardrobe, it is best to keep hair and makeup simple on picture day. If you would like to experiment with a new trend or style, do so several days to a couple of weeks in advance to give yourself time to master it. Practice what you plan to do with your hair and makeup in advance so you can perfect your technique and anticipate any problems that may occur. 


If you are active on a school club or team or have a memorable hobby, you may want your senior portraits to reflect those things. Pick simple props that are easy to transport and keep them accessible so you will not forget them or run into problems getting them to your photo shoot location. Ask your photographer first if you are unsure which props are acceptable, to avoid disappointment. 

Shave In Advance

You may think that a fresh shave looks best in school photos, but this is often not the case. Shave the night before so that your skin is not irritated or nicked in your photos.

Stay Healthy

No one looks their best when they are sick. In the days leading up to your photoshoot, it is particularly important to drink plenty of water, eat right, and stay healthy. Go to sleep early the night before your appointment so you are well-rested and relaxed on camera.

Picture Day Tips

Arrive Early. Give yourself extra time to account for traffic or public transit delays. This will also give you a few minutes to chat with your photographer before you get started.

Bring a friend or parent to keep you company and offer suggestions and reassurance on your look at the last minute.

Bring water and something to pass the time in case the photographer is delayed.

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