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Yearbook Photo Ideas for 2022 In NYC

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Happy New Year! 2022 is in full swing, and it is time to start thinking about those yearbook photos if you have not taken your school pictures yet. There is still time to book a session with a professional school photographer in NYC. Consider including both modern and tried-and-true strategies for your 2022 yearbook photos.

Prepare for your professional yearbook photo session in NYC.

Yearbook Photo Trends For 2022

Showcase Your Skills And Hobbies

Everyone has things they excel at or are passionate about. In 20 years from now, your classmates may very well associate you with your talents and hobbies. Carry your musical instrument, wear your favorite band shirt or some accessories that depict your skills. These little details will add personality and help people to remember who you were. 

Make Use of Background Settings

More and more students are taking their senior portraits out into the real world. If you have a favorite place in your city, consider using it for your yearbook photoshoot. Public parks, stadiums, gardens, and libraries are all popular backdrops for senior photos.

Brag About Your Accomplishments

There is a time and place for modesty and your yearbook photoshoot is not it. If you have received awards, medals, or honors, display them with pride! Wear your captain’s jacket from varsity sports or your valedictorian flair. Your fellow students should know everything you have accomplished during high school.

Examine Life Through The Years

Another common yearbook photo trend of 2022 is reflecting on how you have grown through the years. Some seniors pose with a childhood photo of themselves or use an enlarged kindergarten yearbook photo as a backdrop. 

Embrace Your Silly Side

Life doesn’t always have to be serious and neither do your senior yearbook photos. Do not be afraid to try some shots where you are making a goofy face or wearing some silly accessories that reflect your personality. Allow people to remember your happy nature instead of providing a solemn and stoic face for the ages.

Bring Your Pet

Most high school seniors do not yet have children, but fur babies hold a special place in our hearts. Bringing your pet to your yearbook photoshoot is a great way to make sure your dog, cat, or rat are remembered as an important companion during these years.  Be sure to ask your NYC school photographer and any public venues you will use before bringing your pet.

School Pride

By senior year, students often have a lot more school spirit than they did as freshmen. Pose on the school steps or in a classroom, or wear clothes or makeup in your school colors to honor your school experience.

Friends Forever

No one gets through high school alone. Pose with your besties or significant other as a way to preserve your most important social connections. Even if you drift apart over time, looking back on those photos will help you fondly remember those friendships as an adult.

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